Song of the Day: Furr by Blitzen Trapper

Blitzen Trapper is a Portland, Oregon based band comprised of five talented musicians. ”Furr” was one of their two singles from their 2008 album entitled Furr. This was the band’s fourth album, but first album released under the Sub Pop Records label. Blitzen Trapper reached a high point in their career with the release of the album, which earned itself a two-page feature in Rolling Stone, and sat at number thirteen on Rolling Stone’s Best Albums of 2008 list, while the title track and Song of the Day, “Furr,” was ranked at number four on the magazine’s Best Singles of 2008 list.

Despite the media boom Blitzen Trapper experienced for this track and album, the band started out by self-releasing their first three albums, and Furr really held onto the eclectic personal, alternative style that was heard in those albums. The band’s leader, Eric Early, wrote every song on Furr, infusing the band’s genuine passion for music into each track.

Blitzen Trapper’s strong country and folk style is heard from the very beginning of their track, “Furr.” Early’s defined voice tells a story through his lyrics, as the guitars and harmonica, which comes in around the first chorus, bring his words to life. “Furr” has an upbeat tempo and the swift pace of this song keeps the listener attentive from start to finish. This band’s sound has a very refreshing feel to it; no matter what kind of mood I am in, I can always listen to Blitzen Trapper’s, “Furr.” Take a listen for yourself through the video above, hope you enjoy.


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