Song of the Day: The Girl by City and Colour

Dallas Green, a Canadian singer-songwriter, goes by the alias City and Colour, which comes from his own name; Dallas being a city, and Green being a color.  Green is proficient on the guitar and combined with his smooth, melodic vocals, he creates a dramatic acoustic sound.  His talents have been recognized by the Juno Awards, where he has been nominated seven times, and has won three – one win going to “The Girl” in 2009.  This song, “The Girl,” from the album, Bring Me Love, is one of my favorites because of its unique “layout,” so to speak.

The song begins with slow, yet upbeat guitar chords and soft lyrics about his affection for a girl who spreads herself thin to keep their relationship going.   He recognizes and appreciated her outward portrayal of affection and the efforts she puts into the relationship. At around the halfway mark of this song, the pace really speeds up, and the song goes through a transition of sorts.  City and Colour really let’s his folk roots emerge after his second count off, while harmonizing beautifully with the various instruments in the background.  The last minute of this song takes on a more somber tone driven by the bold piano in the background.  The diversity of sound in Green’s “The Girl,” forms such a catchy and unique piece of music. With all of its appealing attributes, it has rightfully earned itself the title of Song of the Day.


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