Song of the Day: Spanish Sahara by Foals

“6 minutes plus to drift away to. And you will”

Foals are an English rock band comprised of five members, four of which dropped out of Oxford University to pursue their ambition. The song “Spanish Sahara” was the promotional single on their second album Total Life Forever. English music magazine NME voted “Spanish Sahara” the Track of the Year for 2010 and named it the 14th best song of the last 15 years.

While it starts off laid-back, soft, and slow, “Spanish Sahara” utilizes amazing build-ups in its transition from calm to chaotic, eventually resulting in a magnificent final section with the help of a brilliant solo. The deathly chilling, restrained track features delicate and somber vocals building in intensity with carefully crafted rhythmic assaults. “Spanish Sahara” is 7 minutes of zoned-out perfection, an experience of sorts that when it ends, leaves you wondering what exactly just happened. Directed as a 7 minute crescendo guided by a gentle bass kick, it tantalizingly teases listeners with a mellow beginning and then releases into an unrelenting splatter of guitar rhythms and haunting vocal melodies.


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